Bindan Corporation

creative solutions through a new perspective

The mission of the Bindan Corporation is to offer “Creative Solutions Through A New Perspective,” and it is this mission that drives our company to  develop and market cutting edge, environmentally friendly products and technologies.

Since its inception in 1996, Bindan has developed an impressive product line of technologies including:  the award winning Mono-Patch® line of cements, our unique line of specialty refractory binders, and our Class A-rated fire-resistant coatings.

Bindan has also developed new bio-materials that are on the cutting edge of bio-medicine and hold the potential to revolutionize orthopeadic medicine.  These innovative bio-technologies have been licensed to Bone Solutions, Inc. which received  FDA 510 (k) clearance for its first proprietary device, OsteoCrete™ in May 2009.

Our ability to see problems through a fresh perspective drives our unique approach to solving problems and developing new technologies.

Bindan’s products are the result of the careful selection of each component to insure optimal characteristics of strength, setting time and ease of use. All of this effort results in high-quality products which continually outperform the competition.

We currently manufacture a number of products including:

  • medical and dental cements, fillers and adhesives.*
  • permeable cements**
  • road repair cements
  • refractory binders
  • architectural and artistic cements
  • fire-resistant coatings
  • multi-purpose binders and cements

Our products are environmentally friendly and can be customized to meet the special requirements of our customers.

Bindan’s affiliate companies: Bone Solutions Inc, Detectile Corporation and Osmocrete continue to develop, manufacture, and market technologies that were originally developed by Bindan. Together the Bindan family of Companies continue to offer our customers creative solutions through a new perspective.

*medical related technology licensed to Bone Solutions, Inc.

** for permeable pavements see